Witamy na stronie Klubu Jagiellońskiego. Jesteśmy niepartyjnym, chadeckim środowiskiem politycznym, które szuka rozwiązań ustrojowych, gospodarczych i społecznych służących integralnemu rozwojowi człowieka. Portal klubjagiellonski.pl rozwija ideę Nowej Chadecji, której filarami są: republikanizm, konserwatyzm, katolicka nauka społeczna.

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About the Jagiellonian Club [ENGLISH]

We are a non-partisan, Christian Democratic political environment which seeks solutions enabling an integral human development. The website develops the idea of the New Christian Democracy, based on the pillars of Republicanism, Conservatism and Catholic Social Teaching.

New Christian Democracy, whose concepts we want to develop and promote, is based on three foundations:

1. Republicanism, which mandates a serious approach to the state, developing local communities according to subsidiarity and solidarity principles, supporting entrepreneurship and citizen empowerment.

2. Conservatism, in the sense of humility and respect towards Polish national heritage, scepticism towards revolutionary social or political changes, as well as the concern for the sovereignty of Poland.

3. Catholic Social Teaching, which enables confonting the social changes and contemporary culture and responding to challenges, such as environmental degradation and threats brought by new technologies thanks to its deep roots in objective moral values and a clearly defined vision of a human being.

What exactly do we do as an environment?

1. We write opinions, analyses and essays, which you can find on our website, as well as in our concept magazine „Pressje”. We comment on current events, but we are not afraid of subjects, for which the mainstream public debate provides little space.

2. We run a YouTube channel on political matters. Our editors also create four podcasts: Międzymiastowo („Intercity”), Kultura Poświęcona („Devoted Culture”), Po amerykańsku („The American Way”) and ScepTech.

3. Every month we organise open debates, meetings, seminars and lectures all around Poland. They are free and open, everyone is invited. In this way we aim to lead Civic Education and create the space for discussion on important issues. We meet in Cracow, Warsaw, Katowice and Poznań.

4. We lead the Jagiellonian Club Center for Analysis (Centrum Analiz Klubu Jagiellońskiego), whose mission is to elaborate advanced diagnoses of and solutions to the most substantial issues of the Polish public life. We publish reports, prepare comments on legiclation changes; we have participated in the evaluation of the most important state documents of strategic significance. Our experts provide media with their unique knowledge on an everyday basis.

5. We strive to combine our expert knowlegdge, everyday patriotism and new technologies. Therefore, we have created a mobile application Pola, which can be used to verify if the products purchased are indeed of Polish origin. Thousands of people use our app daily.*The institutional basis enabling us to implement the concepts of New Christian Democracy is the Jagiellonian Club Strategy for 2020-2023 passed on 26th September 2020 at the General Meeting of Members of our association. The Articles of Association is a more general document and chronologically anterior, in which the term „Nowa Chadecja” („New Christian Democracy”) does not appear (it does not infere that these concepts contradict that document).