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Chinese generosity may be futile

Michał Makocki  9 lipca 2019
At the time when the EU grows suspicious of China’s geopolitical intentions, China seems to find open doors in the Balkan region.

Tape scandal, Vienna-style. Russians, intelligence wars, and social democrat adviser

Andrzej Kohut  9 lipca 2019
Austrian politicians openly agreed to corruption networks with a person invoking ties with the Russian oligarchy. The Russian influence in the creation and disclosure of recordings raises doubts, as attack fell on one of the most pro-Russian parties in Europe.

A Private State. Viktor Orban’s National Post-communism

Dariusz Kałan  1 lipca 2019
Orban created the first European Union’s private state. It means that state elements cannot be discerned from party and family businesses.

Switzerland has watches. Germany has cars. Poland? Poland has yachts

Maciej Dulak  1 lipca 2019
The quality of Polish yachts is praised all over the world, results in orders from around the globe: Europe, Australia, China, Japan, and even UAE and Africa.

The End of Netanyahu? Why was the parliament dissolved in Israel

Andrzej Kohut  1 lipca 2019
Anti-Polish propaganda was already used in the previous election campaign in Israel. Now the issue of the so-called “Just Act 447” may become the electoral fuel.

Europe did not let itself be drawn in the Sino-American Huawei conflict

Bartosz Paszcza  1 lipca 2019
Banning the use of Huawei devices may delay the implementation of 5G technology by up to 2 years, and costs may rise by several dozen percent.