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Biden’s withdrawal from blocking Nord Stream 2 is not a harbinger of a new concert of powers [VIDEO]

Andrzej Kohut  7 września 2021
"The Americans and Germans have reached an agreement, despite the fact that President Joe Biden assured the Poles still during the election campaign that his opinion on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would remain unchanged".

Trade unions do miners in Poland more harm than good

Agata Pyka talks to Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska  31 sierpnia 2021
The agreement with miners should contain provisions on preferential loans and support for developing own business, changing the sector, and further professional activation, e.g. in the renewable energy sector. Agata Pyka talks to an Outriders journalist, Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska

Italy’s bumpy road to government’s (fragile) stability

Lorenzo Persano Adorno  30 sierpnia 2021
The Italian government has reached some resemblance of stability under Mario Draghi, who is currently enjoying a wide majority. This comes after a tumultuous period of instability and fierce political debacle. But how long will Draghi last?

The migration crisis triggered by Belarus. Lukashenko is trying to harm Lithuania and Poland

Maciej Sobieraj talks to Dominik Wilczewski  30 sierpnia 2021
So far, only a few dozen illegal migrants have been detained in Lithuania each year, while this summer this number could exceed 100 in just a single day. Lukashenko does everything to destabilize political situation in Lithuania.

German Tribunal vs CJEU. Is EU law superior to the German and Polish constitutions?

Mateusz Stańczyk  22 sierpnia 2021
Although not formalised in Treaties, the principle of the primacy of EU law over national law is a cornerstone of the European legal order. However, the disputes surrounding the primacy principle are almost as old as the principle itself.

New EU VAT rules to regulate e-commerce. A step in the right direction?

Piotr Leonarski  19 sierpnia 2021
For the thriving e-commerce sector, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is driving even stronger growth in profits. A few days ago, a little in the shadow of this trend, important legal changes for the e-commerce sector, designed back in 2018, came into force with lesser fanfare.