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Protests, EU accession and the Prime Minister’s Russophile moves. Georgian political situation in a nutshell

Ekaterine Beruashvili-Młynarska, Stanisław Kopyta  18 czerwca 2024
What are the implications of the current events for the future of Georgia and its political scene? Stanislaw Kopyta talks to Ekaterina Beruashvili-Mlynarska, vice-president of the Georgian Diaspora in Poland.

Putin is again the President of Russia. New escalation is coming

Oleksandr Shulga  18 kwietnia 2024
War has become one of the habitual problems of Russians and was sidelined by another traditional problem – low salaries and high prices. Putin does not and will not be able to offer a solution to the problems that Russians face in everyday life.

Low salaries and pensions more important for Russians than the invasion on Ukraine

Oleksandr Shulga, Michał Wojtyło  26 lutego 2024
Opposition to the 2nd wave of mass mobilization in Russia has increased from 60% in December 2022 to approximately three-quarters. While historical narratives may resonate, the majority of Russians are now more concerned about their quality of life and economic stability.

Market-based solutions will help us get cheaper energy transition

Sam Hall, Michał Wojtyło  15 grudnia 2023
Carbon pricing is one of the most conservative approaches to climate action because it lets the business to reduce the emissions in whatever way they deem to be the most fit. Since voting for Brexit, the UK has probably gone even more ambitious in terms of its climate action.

Regional cooperation, 3SI, RES development and nuclear consent. How can CEE achieve climate and security goals together?

Conclusions from the conference, 'Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe. Achieving our Climate and Security Goals Together'  7 grudnia 2023
Article that presents the conclusions from the conference on energy security and green transition in the CEE organised by the Jagiellonian Club's Centre for Analysis, the Polska z Natury Foundation and the Conservative Environment Network.

Green conservatism can help deliver the Green Deal

Paweł Musiałek  6 grudnia 2023
If the European Green Deal is to become the story of the whole of Europe, and not just its elite, it must be accepted by the whole society. the inclusion of the demands of the Green Conservatives may provide an opportunity to attract more of the people on the right.