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Socialism, Balcerowicz and no oligarchs. Why are there no Polish politicians in the Pandora Papers?

Piotr Trudnowski talks about political transformation and oligarchs in the latest KluboTygodnik  26 listopada 2021
There is one aspect of Polish statehood where Tusk's phrase about the green island and Kaczynski's phrase about the island of freedom merge. Poland is indeed a green island of freedom from oligarchy.

Day-to-day cooperation instead of grand alliances. Accepting mediocrity in Polish-Ukrainian relations

Daniel Szeligowski  26 listopada 2021
Contrary to popular opinion, Warsaw’s support for Kyiv, while indeed being in Poland’s interest, has never been unconditional. Ukraine has to seek this support in the same way as it seeks the support of Germany and France.

Ukraine in the EU? Western Europe and Russian influence stand in the way

prof. Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski  22 listopada 2021
The chances of the EU opening up to Ukraine are reduced by Russia's ability to corrupt and influence prominent Western European politicians. The core EU countries do not want to grant Ukraine membership and there are no signs of them changing their position in the near future.

Your gifts won’t arrive until Christmas!

In the latest KluboTygodnik, Andrzej Kohut outlines how the situation on the U.S. coast is affecting on prices and product availability  19 listopada 2021
In America, the shelves in the stores are empty. Ports can't keep up with unloading goods. It may turn out that this year... we won't see presents for Christmas

How come Poland is (and probably still will be) governed by PiS?

Paweł Musiałek  15 listopada 2021
The Law and Justice government (PiS) has been in power in Poland since 2015 and, despite many impediments, is still leading the polls, with genuine prospects for a third term. What are the secrets to PiS's success? What are the significant differences between Poland and Hungary?

Has Covid-19 defeated neoliberalism?

In the latest KluboTygodnik, CAKJ international affairs expert Andrzej Kohut considers how the pandemic has changed the way we think about the economy  7 listopada 2021
The pandemic has permanently changed our lives. It has also changed the state's approach to economies. Everything seems to indicate that neoliberalism is becoming a thing of the past. But is it permanent? What comes next?