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Work of the future – what its new code might look like

Łukasz Łaguna  10 października 2019
The only thing that doesn’t change on the labor market is change itself. The market rushes forward, but the law regulating it fails to follow suit.

The end of Kashmir’s autonomy. Is the world on the brink of nuclear war?

Andrzej Kohut  10 października 2019
Kashmir's autonomy was secured in the Indian constitution. The government made no effort to change it and disregarded the Supreme Court's decision.

Is gold the last safe haven for investors?

Piotr Łasak  10 października 2019
Treating gold as a safe haven during times of crisis means that many central banks are increasing their stocks of this metal.

Construction of the 5G network. What is the economic and geopolitical game all about?

dr Błażej Sajduk  10 października 2019
It is estimated that 26.1% of growth generated by 2030 by means of the 5G technology will fall to China and 14.5% to the United States. Experts point out that effective deployment of 5G could generate $12.3 trillion by 2035 and help create 22 million jobs.

Rare earth elements – the apple of China’s eye

Justyna Tomala  2 października 2019
In a matter of decades, China has come to dominate the production and export of rare earth elements. Suspending the supply of these raw materials means a real threat to the US economy and national security.

Post-communist transformation of Serbia without happy end

dr Gazela Pudar Draško, Michał Rzeczycki  30 września 2019
Conservatism in Serbia is more an attitude than a political doctrine for many. Serbian political system has never been deprived of socialist values.