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Historic deal? Polish President Duda in Washington

Andrzej Kohut  30 lipca 2019
There is no Polish security without the American military’s support, just as there is no European security without it. The increasing American presence in Poland not only is a financial liability but also increases our dependence on an ally from across the ocean.

There is no throne in the Union. An essay on the network power theory in the modern world

Marcin Kędzierski  30 lipca 2019
Poland's power in the EU is strongly connected either to external conditions or to having Polish representatives in the European elite. The one thing we can do is strengthen the state and enjoy the favourable international environment for as long as possible.

Russia will do everything to stir up the Balkans

Interview with Grzegorz Kuczyński  28 lipca 2019
Despite their defeats in Montenegro and Macedonia, Russian services still have great influence in destabilizing the Balkans.

Inter-nyet. How Putin wants to disconnect Russia from the global Internet

Bartosz Paszcza  25 lipca 2019
The Russian government has been taking measures to disconnect the Russian Internet from the global network for several years now. The Russian parliament passed a law enabling the fight against fake news. One may wonder how state services understand this concept.

The German Energiewende is against climate

Jakub Wiech  25 lipca 2019
Germany's aim to be carbon neutral in 2038 is unlikely, because Energiewende cannot cope with decarbonising the country. Berlin is pushing for the decarbonisation of Europe, but it does not make too spectacular steps in this regard itself.

Earthquake in Spain

Andrzej Kohut  17 lipca 2019
The Spanish parliament duopoly, which was reinforced for decades, is becoming a thing of the past. The downfall of conservatives and the radicalization of social sentiments will favour the increasing support for Vox or other radical option