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Italy is not entirely an owner of its foreign policy. What is the future of Western and Italian support for Ukraine?

Greta Cristini, Federico Petroni, Michał Wojtyło  29 października 2023
Americans are playing not for a win, but for a tie on the battlefield to exhaust Russia and get Putin to the negotiating table. Washington took the leadership and determined the Italian governmental position about the war in Ukraine.

The French public supports Ukraine. Is this the definite end of the partnership with Russia?

Marie Dumoulin, Michał Wojtyło  21 sierpnia 2023
Two main elements drive French foreign policy – fundamental principles of the international order and the need to preserve European unity. In recent polls levels of support in the French society for Ukraine were high – similar to the ones in the Baltic States.

Carafano: Support for Ukraine will continue because it is the easiest path forward for the politicians

James Carafano, Jacek Płaza  18 sierpnia 2023
Ukraine matters to the US mostly because it is just the first step to expanding the Russian sphere of influence, regaining influence over Central Europe, pushing NATO away and seeing the US leaving Western Europe. What secures the Western Europe is a free and prosperous Ukraine.

Russia’s imperialistic behaviour is not going to go away only because of a peace or truce with Ukraine

Michał Wojtyło, Fredrik Löjdquist  24 lipca 2023
The outcome of the war in Ukraine will depend very much on what the West is willing and able to do. The problem is that sometimes the fear among Western politicians of Russian collapse prevails.

New green alliance of EU and US against China? About the consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act

Tobias Gehrke, Michał Wojtyło  6 marca 2023
Tobias Gehrke, senior policy fellow at the European Council for Foreign Relations who leads ECFR’s Geoeconomics Initiative, talks about the political consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act for the EU with Michal Wojtylo.

Babis’s victory would be the end of Czech support for Ukraine? About the importance of the current Czech presidential elections

Roman Joch, Ondřej Šmigol, Michał Wojtyło  26 stycznia 2023
Petr Pavel is a strongly pro-Western and anti-Russian politician. Unfortunately, the current campaign has seen a disturbing change in the message of Andrej Babiš – he is running as an anti-war candidate. Babiš was inspired by last year's parliamentary campaign of Victor...