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Are we in for a chip world war? The semiconductor industry on the verge of its limits

Szpalerski Jamal  17 sierpnia 2021
Ice-covered Texas, Japanese factory fire, Taiwan's worst drought in decades, COVID-19 pandemic, Trump's tech war. What do these events have in common? All of them have contributed to some degree to the global crisis in the semiconductor market.

Nord Stream 2 will remain a thorn in Poland’s and Ukraine’s relationship with the West

Ewa Mrowiec speaks with Szymon Kardaś from Centre for Eastern Studies  10 sierpnia 2021
Nord Stream 2 is not designed to meet a shortage of gas supply in Europe but to redirect volumes already flowing in Europe's pipelines in line with Russia's interests. Moscow's primary goal is to bypass Ukraine.

Ban on the sale of combustion vehicles and a protectionist carbon tax. “Fit for 55”, the most ambitious climate plan in the history of the EU

Michał Wojtyło  27 lipca 2021
A ban on the sale of combustion vehicles from 2035, border carbon tax for imports from outside the EU, increasing the target of RES share in energy production up to 40% and decarbonisation of buildings – these are just some of the suggestions put by the European Commission.

Constantly invoking the victims of the Holocaust to secure political gains is a disavowal of their memory

Marcin Bogacz talks to Jan Śpiewak, social activist  21 lipca 2021
The idea that heirless property would go to foreign organizations is outrageous. Israel's harsh reaction to the law passed in Poland, particularly the statement of Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, completely incomprehensible. Marcin Bogacz talks to Jan Śpiewak, social activist.

The EU sanctions finally radicalized. Will they help overthrow Lukashenko?

Zbigniew Parafianowicz  20 lipca 2021
Lukashenko has so far perceived Brussels as a toothless tiger. Everything has changed following Thursday’s EU summit. The EU sanctions are radical - Belarus has been subject to sectoral restrictions in the most crucial areas for exports.

Is G7’s Global CIT unfavorable for Poland? Biden, OECD and tax havens

Łukasz Błoński  6 lipca 2021
At the G7 summit in June, the minimum 15% rate of this tax was adopted, prompting comments that the era of tax havens and tax avoidance by multinational corporations is coming to an end. The reality, however, is more complex.