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Turów is just the beginning. More energy crises ahead

Jakub Wiech, Jakub Kucharczuk  10 grudnia 2021
Moving away from a coal-based economy will be difficult yet inevitable. I understand indignation of the Polish Government – the CJEU has gone too far in interfering in the energy security of Poland.

Lukashenko has been planning an attack on Poland for years. The EU should return economic migrants to their countries of origin

Radosław Dutczak  10 grudnia 2021
The vast majority of those camped at the border are economic migrants who have flown into Belarus from countries such as Iraq and Nigeria. Lukashenko hopes not only for the lifting of sanctions but also for the legitimisation of his authoritarian rule by Western countries.

One Church, many Christians. Ecumenism is still a controversial concept

Cezary Boryszewski  6 grudnia 2021
The way of experiencing spirituality present in other religions can inspire a Catholic to pay attention to content that has been forgotten. The conflict over ecumenism should not be closed in the Manichean division "heartless Pharisees - empathetic ecumenists.

Zhu Rongji. The forgotten hero of China’s economic success

Adrian Brona  5 grudnia 2021
Zhu Rongji empowered the central bank, reformed state-owned companies, optimised bureaucracy and brought China into the WTO. Zhu's biggest mistake was to disregard his rivalry with other politicians to create his own faction that would look after his legacy.

Will China and Russia take the place of the US? The new Great Game for Afghanistan is just beginning

Tomasz Rydelek  1 grudnia 2021
There are many players who wish to decide the shape of post-war Afghanistan, but there is a conflict between their interests. China, Russian, Pakistan, Iran and India are fighting for hegemony in the region. Americans also did not say their last word.

6 years of the Three Seas Initiative. Limited success and untapped potential

Michał Steć   28 listopada 2021
Six years of the Three Seas format is a good time to evaluate its effectiveness, and real and tangible effects. The Three Seas Initiative is already well-known in Poland and worldwide, and it is also a flagship project of the foreign policy of the United Right coalition.